Business Introduction

Retail Business

Retail Business

We implement creative merchandising and introduce high-quality products made in Japan to the world through global sales channels, both on- and off- line, to satisfy diversifying needs of customers, individual and corporate, domestic and overseas. We also engage in cross-border electronic commerce to reach huge global markets through BtoC, or direct retail to consumers, and BtoBtoC, or online wholesale.

  • ・Domestic tax-free retail business centered around our network of general tax-free stores, one of the largest in Japan (BtoC)
  • ・Online retailing including cross-border electronic commerce(BtoC、BtoBtoC)
  • ・Foreign trade business, mainly to meet the brisk demand from China and Taiwan (BtoB)

Life & Fashion Business

Life & Fashion Business

We will build a vertically integrated apparel business covering design, manufacture and marketing with multiple sales channels from physical outlets mainly in department stores to online retail sites. We will also develop and offer household goods and interior products that enrich and adorn the lives of customers.

Entertainment Business

Entertainment Business

Under the key concept of helping foreign and domestic tourists experience the sophisticated Japanese culture, we offer a wide variety of opportunities to taste the Japanese cuisine, entertainment, leisure activities and other cultural aspects of the country. To that end, we provide tourist information, make reservations, operate restaurants, deliver goods, and offer many other services for customers from Japan and abroad.

  • ・Operation of restaurants, including The New York Bayside Kitchen, a large-scale buffet style restaurant
  • ・Management of entertainment events, such as -GEAR- East Version, a non-verbal stage performance and of the facilities to hold them
  • ・Management and operation of cultural events on cultural heritage sites
  • ・Management and operation of websites and SNS pages to provide information, make reservations and offer other services to help tourists experience the Japanese culture

Shopping Center Development Business

Shopping Center Development Business

We develop, manage, and operate large scale commercial complexes that serve fantastic experiences as well as wonderful goods that will satisfy customers both domestic and foreign. We revitalize local economies in Japan by bringing in foreign tourists, our strength, as we have been doing at Chiba Port Square Port Town, a leisure complex that offers hands-on experiences.

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