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Motor-Assisted Bicycle "TASKAL"

With the heart of ”Being at Ease of the Features and Being at Ease of the Cost” at the center ofTASKAL'sconcept, TASKAL offers a line of motor-assisted bicycles for consumers. TASKAL has been a part of Japan's largest bicycle exhibition ”Cycle Mode” for two straight years and has rapidly increased our presence as a bicycle manufacturer. In additional to TASKAL being a fast growing brand for the past two years, currently over 1,200 stores nationwide carry TASKAL bicycles.

TASKAL'sThree Main Models
  1. 1: Ladies L1

    These products are aimed at our female clientele. You can also install child seats.

  2. 2: City

    Trendy designs for those who wish to commute to school or work in style

  3. 3: Mini

    Sport models for those who seek to show off their inner playful self

Original Consumer Electronics and Miscellaneous Goods

As contracted development business for private brand products with consumer electronics at the center of the line, we have established bases in China. We plan to further develop goods and merchandise for the every day life of our targeted consumers by managing product development and production at each plant.

JOYOUNG's Two Main Models

JOYOUNG holds China's No.1 spot in market share for the manufacture of kitchen appliances and present to you their two finest products with confidence.

  1. 1: Cooking Pot

    First-rate when it comes to making soup, there are no worries about spilling while warming and mixing as you make a warm and hearty meal.

  2. 2: Noodle-maker (Noodle making machine)

    Now you can become a pro when it comes to making your original noodles in the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is add water and powder and after you flip the switch, you're good to go!

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