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As a global company with
its sights on the global market


Through our corporate history of over eighty years, our group has grown primarily in the retail industry, as a home appliance store or a specialty store. In recent years, with information technology rapidly developing and markets fast globalizing, the entire world has been going through paradigm shift and everything is getting more and more fluid and borderless. Amid the increasingly competitive business environment, our group has pioneered the tax-free business in Japan and built up one of the most extensive networks of general tax-free stores in the country.

Drawing on this network, we have compiled a medium-term management plan starting in 2015 and ending in 2017 to achieve further growth. In the plan, we consider the entire Asia as our market and commit ourselves to embodying “Japan Premium” by offering reliable, highest-quality products and the world-famous Japanese spirit of hospitality. To spread the value of “Made-in-Japan” world over, we will offer excellent and meticulous service, not to mention exquisite products. In this way, we will maximize customer satisfaction and introduce Japan’s merits to the world, which is also our corporate mission.

As a general tax-free store rooted in Japan, our group will keep striving for sustainable growth to become a global entity that can lead the world, drawing on the know-how, merits, and strengths we have gained so far.

Representative Director: Yiwen Luo

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