Analyst Coverage

(As of March 02, 2016 )
A list of analysts in brokerage houses, research agencies and other institutions who cover Laox.
(In alphabetical order of company names)
Deutsche Securities Takahiro Kazahaya
SMBC Nikko Securities Yoshiyuki Namiki
* Please be advised that there might be analysts who cover Laox that we are unaware of, and as such, are not included on this list. The list also may not fully reflect the latest employment status of analysts.
* The objective of this list is to introduce to investors analysts belonging to institutions such as research agencies, not to solicit selling or buying our shares. We do not endorse the forecasts, opinions and/or recommendations of these analysts, nor confirm the accuracy of the information given by them.
* The analysts on this list, as well as those not listed, analyze and forecast our business performance based on their own judgement. Laox and its management have no involvement with any of their work.

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