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How about taking a walk down the ancient streets of
Kyoto in Kimono?


  • 5%offクーポン プレゼント
  • もらって嬉しいノベルティプレゼント!


  • Free hair setting!

    Experienced staff arrange your hair for free in the store
  • スタッフが無料でヘアセットいたします

Rental options

  • Reasonable plan to enjoy wearing Kimono Please just have fun with wearing Japan’s traditional garment.

    Basic plan¥3,500With tax

  • If you cannot decide, this is for you! Laox’s recommended plan You’ll find the exactly right Kimono for you.

    Standard Kimono Course¥5,000With tax

  • Plan to experience wearing high-class Kimono Gorgeous and sophisticated Kimono will make your travel to Japan perfect.

    Premium Kimono Course¥8,000With tax

  • Have your first Kimono experience in Kyoto. Why don’t you get a little more stylish in men’s Kimono?

    Standard plan for gentlemen¥5,000With tax


* Kimono can be rented until 7:30 pm on the same day
* Rented Kimono may also be returned on the second day(Additional charges apply)
* We rent out Kimono, obi, purse and zori * We’ll take care of your belongings.
* If you are unable to return the rented items in time for some reason, please contact our store.

Click here for a reservation form


  • ① Fill in the application form※Reception hours: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • ② Choose a Kimono, obi (sash) and zori (Japanese sandals).
  • ③ Wear Kimono with the help of professional dressers including hair-setting and make-up
  • ④ Take a stroll around the streets of Kyoto♪
  • ⑤ Return the Kimono at our store* Kimono can be rented until 7:30 pm on the same day

Let’s enjoy a stroll on the streets of Kyoto