Overseas Business

A bridge between people and unique values from all over the world

In our Overseas Business, we offer safe, reliable and high-quality Japanese products and services related to the sale of these products. We focus on B2B trading business and global EC (B2C) business for China and other Asian markets, which have been growing rapidly in recent years with steadily increasing sales. In the trading business, we deal with products that are in high demand, such as cosmetics, beauty products and daily necessities, and we will also focus on the development of Japanese food products, such as Sake. In global e-commerce, we have opened Laox flagship stores on China's leading e-commerce sites T-mall, and Also, we have set up a dedicated studio for "live commerce", a new sales model that allows viewers and distributors to interact in real-time through questions and comments while purchasing products. The aim is to establish our brand image in China.

At present, we are expanding our sales channels both in our brick-and-mortar and online stores, and delivering "good things from Japan" to the Chinese market by developing a diverse range of products. The knowledge we have gained over many years from working in the Chinese market, combined with the resources of the Laox Group, has enabled us to steadily expand our sales and build an unshakeable sales foundation.

Main business

・B2B business with focus on trading
・Global e-commerce business
・Live commerce business
・Management of fine Japanese cuisine restaurants (Kurogi Shanghai/Kurogi Nanjing)

Vision ~what we're aiming for~

We are aiming to bring the "best of Japan" and other "best of the world" products and services to people overseas.