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IR Policy

Basic Policy

We strive for the trust of shareholders and investors and for fair and transparent management by disclosing necessary corporate information in a timely and proper manner.

Information Disclosure Standard

We disclose information according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Furthermore, we will actively disclose the information deemed necessary forshareholders and investors to make investment decisions even if it is not required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

The Method of Disclosure

We will disclose the information required to be released, according to the instruction of the information control officer, timely and properly, through TDnet – Timely Disclosure net- provided by the stock exchange. We will also disclose other information in a fair and prompt manner in the spirit of timely disclosure.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of account settlement information, we designate a certain period of time immediately prior to announcement of settlement of accounts as a quiet period, during which we refrain from responding to all comments and questions related to the settlement of accounts. Nonetheless, if something occurs during this period that will significantly affect the accuracy of published business result forecasts, we will disclose relevant information in a proper way.

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