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Main Shareholder

Company Name SUNING.COM CO.,LTD.
Business Retailing
Based in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Corporate Profile was founded under the original name of Suning Appliances in Nanjing in December 1990. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange(SZSE)in July 2004. is the leading company in “Smart Retail” business. As of December 31 2018, the retail conglomerate owns and directly manages 8,881 stores, and operates 2,071 of so called “cloud franchise stores”, community-based small electric appliance stores that also offer full-fledged cloud services, as well as 112 of franchise convenience stores. serves markets in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Japan and runs various types of stores from appliances stores specialized in so called 3C (computers, communication equipment, consumer electronics) to baby & maternity specialty stores to supermarkets to convenience stores, to meet diverse consumer needs. The group’s main platform,, is among the 3 largest in the Chinese B2C market. In 2018, achieved sales of 245 billion renminbi and a net profit of 13.328 billion renminbi that belongs to the shareholders.
Relations with Laox Suning. com is Laox’s main shareholder. It became the latter’s largest shareholder through the first investment in August 2009 before becoming the consolidated parent company in the capital increase through third party allotment in August 2011. Then, after the capital increase through third party allotment that was announced on June 19 2019 and implemented in a bid to expedite Laox’s business expansion, ceased to be Laox’s consolidated parent company. However, the two companies agreed that they would continue and expand their business partnership, with remaining the main shareholder of Laox.
Company Name Company Name
Business Investment, Real Estate
Based in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Corporate Profile Suning Appliance Group Co., Ltd. conducts business in a wide variety of fields including retail, real estate, finance, logistics, and hotel. The group drastically changed its previous business model to embrace the Smart Retail strategy and take full advantage of the Internet technology so that the group can serve all types of products to all types of customers through all types of channels. Suning Appliance Group Co., Ltd. is the only player in the mainstream Chinese retail market that offers two-way services both online and offline. While the retail business constitutes its mainstay, the groups has managed to increase its overall customer retention rates by expanding payment methods and offering fund management and other financial services. Suning Appliance Group Co., Ltd. also meets entertainment and leisure needs, anytime and anywhere, by offering commercial and logistics properties, developing tourism infrastructure such as luxury hotels, and merging online and offline services.

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