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Message from the President

Beyond Inbound
Toward a global company that embraces the new era and connects the Japanese and Chinese economies
Laox has pioneered the Japanese inbound industry since 2009, building up one of the largest networks of general tax free stores in the country. With safe and excellent products made in Japan and the country’s unique hospitality culture and courteous service all highly valued the world over, the Japanese inbound industry has taken root over the recent years.
However, to us, the inbound market is just a gateway leading to the consumption in the coming era. The unique Japanese culture has become even more enriched after contact with foreign perspectives and needs, which is now leading to new cultural and economic evolution and formation of what we call a new global lifestyle.
代表取締役社長 羅 怡文We have timely captured these trends and started to explore new markets beyond inbound. We are radically remaking the existing inbound business model to offer truly valuable “Japanese products and services” in the global lifestyle age. It is our corporate mission to create a global lifestyle that will be the mainstream in the 21st century, by taking advantage of shifting consumption trends that have a huge economic impact on the world economy.
Under the new growth strategy of establishing the two main pillars – offering both goods and experiences – we have expanded into four business sectors: Inbound Business, Global Business, Life and Fashion Business, and Entertainment Business. We are also striving to expand our clientele from foreign tourists visiting Japan to the world. We provide goods and experiences that have value transcending national borders under the genuinely global business strategy.
Our group aims to expand our platforms to introduce Japanese products, culture and services to the world, taking advantage of the expertise and business sense we have nourished over the years and our strong relations with China. We will continue to strive to grow as a global company that works as a bridge between Japan and China, whose importance in the world will only grow.
Representative Director and President Luo Yiwen代表取締役社長 羅 怡文 サイン

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