Investor FAQs

What is Japan Premium?
The expression Japan Premium originally meant the punitively high interest rates imposed on Japanese financial institutions after the Japanese bubble burst because the entire Japanese banking industry’s creditworthiness was in doubt. We use this phrase in a totally different context. We believe Japan has a lot to offer to the world that is still largely unknown on the global stage, from state-of-the-art home appliances to breathtakingly beautiful folk art works to the Japanese spirit of wholehearted hospitality. We consider it our corporate mission to introduce these underappreciated Japanese gems to the world. This is what we mean by the phrase Japan Premium.
When was the company founded?
September, 1976
Where can I find an overview of your company?
Please refer to the Corporate Profile page.
What is your main line of business?
Our main business consists of three areas: Domestic store business that sells tax free goods to foreign tourists and general merchandise to Japanese consumers: Branch store business inchina that operates Japanese style general home appliances stores in China: and Foreign trade business that mediates trade between Japan and China. Please refer to the Business Introduction page for details.
What are your future strategies and undertakings?
Please refer to the Medium-term Management Plan page.
What measures are you taking with regard to corporate governance?
Please refer to the Corporate Governance page.
Can I see recent trends in business results?
Please refer to the Financial Highlights page.
Can I see trends in key management indicators?
Please refer to the Management Indices page.
Let me know the details of your latest settlement of accounts.
You can see the materials used during the financial result briefing on the Earning Presentations page.
Can I read IR-related materials such as a summary of accounts?
Various materials are posted on the IR Library page.
Can you show me the sales composition by segment?
Please refer to the Segment Information page.
What are risks that may affect business results?
Please refer to the Risk Factors page.
I would like to know when and on which stock exchange you were listed.
We were listed in December 1999 in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is your security code? Also, I need key information about your stocks.
Our security code is 8202. For details of our stocks, please refer to the Stock Information page.
Let me know how you return profits to shareholders such as by payment of dividend.
Please refer to the Distribution of Profits page.
I would like to know about distribution of shares.
Please refer to the Shareholder Information page.

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