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For Double Eleven, Laox has launched a sales promotion of popular Japanese sweets

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■Nestle Kit Kat standard flavor
Kit Kat debuted as Chocolate Crisp in Britain. The goal of Kit Kat Wafers, which was launched in Japan in 1973, was a perfect balance between smooth chocolate and crispy wafers. Since then Kit Kat has remained one of the most popular sweets in Japan. One of the reason of its popularity in Japan is that in the Japanese language, Kit Kat sounds very similar to the phrase “Kitto Katsu”(= We will win!) and the sweet has become a standard gift that brings good luck to athletes before a crucial game or students before an entrance examination. Gracefully sweet, refreshingly crispy, and phonetically auspicious; you see why Kit Kat is so popular in this country.

■Nestle Kit Kat Uji Matcha Flavor
With Uji Matcha taste Kit Kats, you can enjoy the genuine flavor of Japan. (Uji refers to an area near Kyoto known for producing the finest grade Matcha powdered green tea). Chocolate densely flavored with Uji Matcha envelopes crispy wafers. The basic flavor comes from powdered green tea blended in chocolate and real tea leaves give a perfect feel of genuine green tea. When that chocolate meets the crunchy wafers, it produces true mature sweetness. The profound flavor of green tea, with a hint of bitterness, and gentle sweetness of chocolate, produces delicate and exquisite taste. Because each piece is packed separately, you can always enjoy fresh flavor and texture.

■Calbee Frugra
Delicious and nutritious! Calbee Frugra, always one of the most popular breakfasts. has been hotly talked about in SNS as a breakfast that fills you with energy in one minute. It contains a variety of nutrients including dietary fibers and eight vitamins. Crunchy texture stimulates your appetite. Most people eat Calbee Frugra soaked in milk but some young ladies love to steep it in Yogurt or mix it with salad. Why don’t you try your own way to enjoy Calbee Frugra?

■Kanebow Cracie Fuwarinka Soft Candy
One of the most popular sweets among the white collar people in Japan. Have one after a meal or before a date and your bad breath is completely eliminated. Instead, you mouth will give off a rosy fragrance. Japanese people call Fuwarinka a magic tool for a date. When the outer thin sugar coat melts, scents of various fruits gently come out.

■ORIHIRO Gelatinous Konnyaku Jelly
“I love sweets, but I have to watch my weight.” Here is good news for such girls. We would like to introduce “Konnyaku Jelly”, a must at work, school and home. Konnyaku, or devil’s tongue yam, has been attracting attention as a diet food that makes you feel full when in contact with water. It also inhibits fat absorption, lowers blood sugar, has detoxifying effects, and improves bowel movements. It contains no additives. There is no juice in the pack, so no need to worry about leak when opening. The caloric value per piece differs from 13 to 16 calories depending on the scent.

■Nitto Tea; Royal Milk Tea
Nitto Tea is a black tea maker with the longest history in Japan. The hallmark of its tea products, which have won many awards, is gorgeous and dense flavor that warms up your mind and body. Royal Milk Tea of Nitto Tea has been the top seller among all instant milk tea products. Although a powdered tea, Royal Milk Tea retains the gorgeous and dense flavor intact. High quality tea and plenty of milk, with absolutely no additives. Have a sip and you will be addicted to Nitto tea. Especially in winter, at home, at work, or on travel, a cup of hot Nitto tea will make you perfectly happy!


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