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【Choicest Gifts】What are considered the best Christmas gifts in Japan?

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Christmas is coming. To have a warm happy Christmas, You need some preparation.
Isn’t it difficult for you to find the present that will absolutely delight your loved one?
In Japan, they say you can always draw valuable lessons from others’ experience.
Let’s check out what Japanese people are giving as Christmas gifts!

●To gentlemen who wish their girlfriend to be the shining star on the Christmas tree●

■Dr. Arrivo the Zeus
Japan, a technology powerhouse that has produced 19 Nobel Prize winners in as many years, is also at the forefront of the research and development of beauty appliances. Extremely popular beauty devices are launched one after another in the country. Please make your trip to Japan perfect by purchasing an electric beauty appliance made in Japan. Recently, following popular equipment from brands like ReFa or Yahman, Dr. Arrivo the Zeus has established its place as one of the most popular beauty appliances in Japan. Its performance is so overwhelming that some call it “Hermes in the beauty appliance industry”.
Functions and features: MFIP (Mid Frequency Interval Pulse), vibration system to relieve electric stimulation, UP insert pulse, 5 kinds of LED treatment to treat all skin types with a wide variety of functions / effective in wrinkle improvement, whitening, acne care, and skin lift-up. “I tried all beauty appliances with excellent reviews, and this is the best! This solves all my skin problems.” “This machine takes care of my facial skin, skin around the eyes, and body skin!” “I can feel the effect immediately!” … Enthusiastic testimonials keep coming in. Dr. Arrivo the Zeus is truly all-in-one beauty appliance. For example, its micro-current is 90 times more powerful than that of competitive products, yet causes absolutely no harm. Anyone can use this at home safely. You have come all the way to Japan. You simply cannot pass up on this opportunity to purchase Dr. Arrivo the Zeus.

■Citizen Watch for ladies xC
Watches from Citizen, one of the three most prestigious watch brands in Japan, have been popular with all generations with stylish designs and meticulous craftwork. They enjoy an especially high popularity among foreign customers visiting Japan.
This winter, we recommend xC as a perfect gift for your loved one. xC’s design theme is “Garden Note”. Arabic numbers in faint and graceful red on the face designed after the image of the shining sun. Fashionable, stylish, and elegant. There is no doubt that your sweetheart will be pleased to no end.

■Set of 3 XLUXES cosmetics
XLUXES Extheshan Cream Wash / XLUXES Moist Rejuvenator W / XLUXES Cell Recover Cream W
It’s winter again, the season for young ladies to fight dry air. There is no better present in this season to express how deeply you love your girlfriend than skin care products.
We would like to recommend three cosmetics in XLUXES series that give your skin plenty of moisture and solves all the skin problems to lead to juicy, beautiful skin.
Cosmetics of XLUXES series contain human stem cell culture and solve all problems caused by dryness with their outstanding moisturizing power.
This great value set has persistent moisturizing effects to prevent rough skin. Plenty of beauty ingredients meet all the skin needs and keep the skin firm. Moist, beautiful skin in dry winter!

● Let’s bury the Christmas tree with delicious presents filled with your love ●

■Hokkaido White Chocolate Snow Flower Blue
Hokkaido is known for its countless sweets that are the best souvenirs for your friends and relatives.
Among them, we would like to recommend Snow Flower Blue, an absolutely delicious Hokkaido sweet. I personally believe Snow Flower Blue is even better than famous “White Lover”.
Dough mixed with white milk chocolate baked into pure white & delicate cookies. Rich and elegant flavor of full bodied whipped milk, which is never too sweet, fills your mouth. Each piece is packed separately so that you can enjoy one or two pieces with a cup of coffee. Please just drop by a nearby Laox store and buy, tax free, a version of Snow Flower Blue that is unavailable anywhere else.

■Taisho Pharmaceutical’s cold medicine Pabron Gold A
Winter is the season of colds. We have to beat back the disease! If you have a cold medicine at home before anyone of your family gets sick, you don’t have to run to a drugstore when necessary.
This week, we would like to recommend you Pabron Gold A, one of the most popular cold drugs in Japan. It is produced by Taisho Pharmaceutical, a medicine maker in Japan with a history of over one hundred years. The company’s strength lies in research, development, and manufacture of bio-pharmaceuticals, ordinary medicines, and health foods.
Pabron Gold A relieves cold symptoms such as fever, runny nose, headache, joint inflammation, muscle pain. Faintly bitter granule comes in convenient single-dose packs. Please take a pack each time. Pabron Gold A is safe for children, as well as adults. The medicine is also convenient to take on a travel or away from home because it is easy to carry around and comes in quick dissolving granule.

Please pick a fantastic present for your loved one from the list above.
Please just drop by one of our general tax-free stores where you can find all the listed items.
Currently we are holding a special sales campaign to mark the 10th anniversary since we began operation of tax-free stores and excellent products are offered at prices even more affordable than usual.
Please take advantage of our Christmas sales to prepare a marvelous gift for your loved one.


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