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【New customer benefits to mark the opening of Laox Dotonbori Store】

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Before we knew it,
it’s almost the dead of winter
with temperatures getting lower & lower
every day.
The colder it gets,
the warmer
we have to keep our heart and body.
Is your winter preparation perfect?
Well, they say preparation is everything.

The following is useful shopping information.
Please take a look!

Just forward this article to your WeChat Moments and you might get a gift to mark the opening of Laox Dotonbori Store!

# 01Forward this to get a gift #

Please add to this article your own word to celebrate the opening of Laox Dotonbori Store and forward it to your WeChat Moments during the period from December 14th to December 31st.
Upon entering the store, please show the Moments’ screen to our store staff and you will be offered a highly popular Keana (Pore) Rice Mask (worth \980).
However, only the first 100 visitors to the store will get the gift, so please hurry up. KEANA (Pore) Rice Mask
The hugely popular beauty mask contains purple black rice extracts that are effective in improving skin balance, excessive shininess, acnes, etc.
A variety of other skin nutrients are also included in this mask to care your skin from deep within.

# 02Get “likes” for a coupon #

During the period from December 14th to December 31st, please forward this article to your WeChat Moments and get twenty “likes” or more and show the Moment to our store staff when visiting Laox Dotonbori store. We will offer you a 5% discount coupon that can be used immediately.

* This coupon can be used when purchasing products worth at least \5,000 (without tax).
* This coupon can only be used at Laox Dotonbori Store.
* This coupon cannot be used when purchasing certain products. Please ask the store staff for details.
* This offer is valid until December 31, 2019.

If you
1) forward this article to your Moments,
2) get 20 “likes” or more, you will be offered both Rice Mask & a 5% discount coupon.
However, we would like to repeat that there are only 100 packs of Rice Mask available.

# Store Information #

Location          1-8-22 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka
Store Hours     11:00-22:00
TEL           06-6484-7191
Nearest Station      2-min walk from Namba Station on Osaka Metro Midosuji Line

# About Laox Dotonbori Store #

Laox Dotonbori Store is located in Dotonbori, one of the most famous shopping districts in Osaka. Its huge see-through façade invites people into the broad, bright inner space. Why don’t you enjoy shopping to the full in this spacious store?

Japanese vacuum flasks have always been popular among foreign tourists to the country. How about finding your favorite from our extensive selection of the bottles?

Kids’ thermos flasks illustrated with bunnies and pigs are always a favorite of little ones and often sell out. Don’t miss out on this chance to get one!

For stylish Japanese ladies, a Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer and hair iron is a must. The former quickly dries your hair after shampooing and treatment. With the latter, you no longer have to worry about bed head. It helps you set your hair instantly, any way you like.
Nanoe hair dryers and hair irons are not just convenient. What set them apart from other products is their capability to dry or set your hair while at the same time keeping it richly moisturized by making the best use of the power of ions. They keep your hair healthy as well as beautiful.

Dr. Arrivo the Zeus is so famous and popular that we assume you already know enough about it. If you are a gentleman, why don’t you present your loved one with this. If you are a lady, there is no better gift for yourself than this!

We have a rich variety of Japanese products and food designed for children. We are sure that you will find the best souvenir for your little one.


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