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According to the Japan Tourism Agency, the number of foreign tourists who visited Japan in 2018 surpassed the 30 million mark for the first time ever.

The year 2019 is also on course to set another record with people from all over the world traveling to this country in droves. Two distinct trends are emerging in this booming Japanese “inbound industry” (= the entire business field related to welcoming foreign tourists).

Trend 1: from consumption of goods to so-called consumption of experience.

While excellent products made in Japan are still in high demand, even more people are keen to experience Japanese culture and life.

Trend 2: from group tourism to individual tourism

More and more foreign tourists would rather pursue their individual interest freely than act as a member of a group. For example, Japanese anime is so popular around the world and its fans are coming to Japan to make a personal pilgrimage to the sacred site of his or her own anime story.

The common problem in these two new tourism trends is, of course, the language barrier

For individual travelers who cannot rely on a tour-guide or translator, the ability to communicate with locals is crucial to experiencing Japan’s culture and life to the full.

That is where automatic translators play a critical role, and among them we absolutely recommend Langogo, a global AI translator that is now flying off the shelves at Laox stores.
Langogo is attracting unprecedented attention with unrivaled performance.

☛What sets it apart:

The device instantaneously selects the optimal A.I. system from 24 of them based on plural search engines including Google and Baidu according to the language and process (voice input, translation, and voice output).

★The accuracy and speed of its translation
★are nothing less than outstanding.

Three more strengths of Langogo!!!
➢ With langogo, you can go back and forth among 109 languages online (=when you are connected to the internet). Even offline, Langogo translates among four languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean). The translator helps you not just in Japan but in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, all over the world. Suddenly, the entire world is your tourist destination.

➢ Langogo functions as a WiFi router as well as a translator. You can connect to it up to five devices (such as a PC, smartphone, tablet) via WiFi.

➢ Just 3 steps (Push voice translation button → Designate your language and that of the other speaker → Press the translation button and speak) to immediately start voice translation. In particular, the single-action third step, – press the button and speak, then release it to hear – is an industry first with an international patent pending.

A reliable friend in the era of globalism!
The hottest item in Laox, the store of globalism!! We are looking forward to serving you!!!♪♪♪


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