Nagasaki Glover-Dori Store


Store Information

1st floor, Kotobuki building, 2-6, Minamiyamatechou, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Store Hours
Nearest Station
2 min. walk from the Oouratensyudou-shita stop on the street car line 5

Products sold

Electric appliances (including those for overseas use), hair dressing products, cosmetics, kitchen appliances, hobby goods, health foods, articles of folk craft and others

Information on each store

Store service

Glover Dori (the Glover Street), which leads to major Nagasaki tourist destinations like the Glover Garden and the Oura Cathedral, has a historic atmosphere, lined with famous stores selling Kasuteira, traditional Japanese sponge cake, and ancient architectures.
Our store faces the Glover Street and is all on the first floor. We have a wide range of products popular among customers from abroad, including kitchen appliances, electric appliances designed for overseas use, cosmetics and foods. So, please just drop by, if only to take a rest from your busy sightseeing.

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