Miyazaki Nichinan Store


Store Information

Izumiya 3F, 4-5-10 Hoshikura, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki
Store Hours
Opens when a cruise ship arrives

Products sold

Hair Care & Beauty Appliances / Cosmetics / Electric Home Appliances / Folk Craft Products, Household Products / Foods / Vacuum Flasks and others

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Store service

The Nichinan area contains Nichinan Seashore National Park, the town of Obi, which has developed under the castle of Obi and been called the little Kyoto in Kyushu, and other tourist destinations with beautiful nature and attractive culture. Laox Miyazaki Nichinan Store is about 10 minutes by car from Obi Castle and about 20 minutes by car from Aburatsu port. We have a wide variety of products that will satisfy visitors arriving on cruise ships, such as folk craft products that are the best for souvenirs, popular hair care and beauty appliances, cosmetics and others. Please enjoy our warm and gentle customer service in a warm and gentle climate of Miyazaki Prefecture.

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