Riverwalk Kitakyushu Store


Store Information

Muromachi 1-1-1, B1F, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
Store Hours
10:00 〜 18:00
Nearest Station
10-minute walk from JR Kokura Station (Shinkansen and other JR lines, and Kitakyushu Monorail)
3-minute walk from JR Nishi-Kokura Station

Products sold

WATCH. (watch specialty store)/AsoBitCity (toy and character-related goods specialty store)/Cosmetics/Household Electric Appliances/Hair-Care & Beauty Electric Appliances/Souvenirs/Baby Products/Household Products/Health Foods

Information on each store

Store service

  • Multilingual staff
  • Under international warranty
  • Repair services
  • Foreign currency exchange machine

Laox RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU Store is a large-scale general tax-free store located in RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU, a giant commercial complex in Kokura, Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka. Two specialty stores, AsoBitCity, which specializes in toys and character-related goods, and WATCH. a watch specialty store, are on the large sales floor of approximately 990m2 of Laox Riverwalk Kitakyushu Store, as well as a wide assortment of products from cosmetics, to hair-care and beauty electric appliances, to household electric appliances, to souvenirs and others.
We are looking forward to serving and entertaining customers from Japan and abroad, from young to adult.

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