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Forward-looking Statements

Articles posted on this site that include future prediction, such as our business plans, strategies or financial projections, reflect the judgment of our managers based on the information available when these articles are compiled. Actual results may differ from these predictions due to risks and uncertainties.

Regarding Investment Judgment

Investment solicitation is not the purpose of this site. We recommend that users of this site make investment decisions on their own judgment.


Texts, illustrations, logos, photographs, videos, software and others on this site are protected by intellectual property rights and other rights reserved by us or a third party. We don’t authorize the use of materials protected by intellectual property rights of third parties.


We pay utmost attention to the content on this site. Nevertheless, the possibility remains that falsification by a third party, mechanical malfunction, or other unavoidable circumstances could cause incorrect information to be posted on this site.In addition, the content is subjected to modification, change, or deletion without notice. Please understand that we will not be liable if a user should incur losses in such a situation.

Information posted on this site could become inaccurate as time passes or predictions are revised, but we are not obliged to renew the information.

While this site includes links to other third party sites, we don’t confirm the information posted on these websites. Users should avail themselves of the websites linked to this site on their own responsibility.

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