Management Team

Luo Yiwen

Chairman of the Board

Born in Shanghai, China
After graduating from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, he came to Japan and completed his postgraduate studies in economics at Yokohama National University.

1992 Launched the Chinese-language newspaper "中文導報" 1995 Established Chubun Sangyo Co., LTD,
1997 Established Rakuraku Communications Co., Ltd. in 1997 to publish Chinese satellite broadcasting and a Chinese information magazine for Japanese people 2006 Established Shanghai Xintiandi Co., Ltd. (now Japan Tourist Duty Free) in 2006.

2009 June Appointed President and Representative Director of Laox Co., Ltd. in August 2009 after instrumental in the formation of a strategic business alliance between Laox Co., Ltd. and Suning Appliance (now Suning Group)
2021 April Appointed Chairman and Representative Director of Laox Co., Ltd. (current position)
Public office
1999 Appointed Vice-Chairman of the Japan-China General Chamber of Commerce
2018 Appointed Honorary Chairman

Kensaku Iida

President and Representative Director CEO

1990 - 1994 Sophia University, Tokyo, BA in Economics,
1993 - 1994 Salzburg College, Salzburg, Austria, European Studies,
1998 - 2000 Yale University, MA, New Haven, CT, MA in International Relations,
1994 – 1998 Extra Chancellor, Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C.
2000 – 2009 Strategy Consultant, Accenture, Tokyo
Provided strategic consulting services to the Public Sectors, Manufacturers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Industries, and many others
2009 – 2014 Walmart / Seiyu, Tokyo,
- Vice President, Strategy Division
- Vice President, Merchandising Planning Division
- Vice President, e-Commerce Division
2014 – 2019 TOYS“Я”US, Tokyo
- Vice President, Corporate Officer, Supply Chain Division, e-Commerce Division (2018 - 2019)
- Vice President, Corporate Officer, Merchandise Division (2018)
- Director, Corporate Officer, Merchandise Planning Division, e-Commerce Division (2017 - 2018)
- E-Commerce Division, Divisional Director, Corporate Officer (2014 - 2017)
2019 - 2020 Walt Disney Company Japan, Tokyo,
Direct-To-Consumer Retail, Vice President, Consumer Products Commercialization
2021 - Present Laox Co., Ltd., Tokyo, - CEO

Teruji Yano

Director and Executive Officer

Graduated from Law School, Keio University

General Manager of Corporate Planning Department and General Manager of Finance and Accounting Planning Department at Daiei Holdings Corporation

Afterwards, he worked as an M&A broker and advisor at RECOF Corporation and Integration Management Corporation, where he joined as Vice President.

2012 April General Manager of Administration Division, Managing Executive Officer, Laox Co., Ltd.
2014 March- Present Board of Directors, Laox Co., Ltd.

Tomoyuki Ase

Executive officer

Graduated from Law School, Chuo University and Graduate School of International Accounting, Chuo University

After joining NTT, he worked as an HR consultant at Towers Perrin (now Watson Wyatt), where he provided system consulting services to various companies, and then held HR management positions at foreign companies such as BAT Japan, Lush Japan and PVH Japan.

2021 April- Present Executive Officer and Division Director of Human Resources Division, Laox Co., Ltd.

Fu Luyong

Executive officer

Beijing Institute of International Relations, BA in Japanese Literature Shanghai Jiao Tong University, EMBA

After graduating from the Beijing Institute of International Relations in 1983, he came to Japan as a publicly funded student and has been involved in business between Japan and China for many years.
Worked at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for about 10 years, and as Director of the Japan Office of the Foreign Affairs Bureau, contributed to cultural, technological and business exchanges between China and Japan.
Afterwards, he worked as SECOM China Executive Vice President, and Executive Vice President of Shanghai World Trade Centre Co.

2014- Present General Manager of Overseas Business Division and Executive Officer, Laox Co., Ltd.

Toshiya Tanaka

Executive officer

1989 – 1992 Keio University, Tokyo, BA in Economics.
1997 - 1998Thammasart University, Mini MBA, Bangkok, Thailand
After working for The Bank of Tokyo (now MUFG Bank, Ltd.), Ltd. and Hakuhodo Inc., he joined MISUMI Group Inc., where he served as Assistant to the President and Head of Thai Business. Afterwards, he worked as the Board of Director of Oak Capital Investment Co., Ltd.

2019 Division Director, Product Strategy Division, Laox Co., Ltd.
2020- Present Executive Officer and Division Director of Corporate Strategy Division

Yukinari Hamano

Executive officer

Keio University, Tokyo, BA in Economics

After working for a bank for about 12 years, he experienced consulting sales for retail shops and worked on rehabilitation and support business for small and medium-sized businesses, contributing to the improvement of many companies' performance. Since then, the knowledge and experience gained from his time as a banker has been applied to a wide range of industries and fields, such as promoting the launch of a new education business and working on a project to prevent the retirement of CAD and construction management engineers for the construction industry. Chief Inspector, Grants Inspection Office, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
President and Representative Director, G-Communication Co., Ltd. Executive Officer, Yumeshin Holdings Co., Ltd.
-Establishing a retirement prevention program to significantly reduce turnover President and Representative Director, Comnet Bank Co., Ltd.
Chairman of the Board, Ikeda Kenchiku Co., Ltd. External Director, Venture-Link Co., Ltd.
2019 September - Present President and Representative Director, Three Hearts Co., Ltd.(now Laox Logistics Co., Ltd.)

Hong Dong

Executive officer

Joined Chubun Sangyo Co., Ltd. in 1997
Joined Laox Co., Ltd. in 2009