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Measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus


Considering the situation surrounding the new coronavirus outbreak, Laox’s crisis management committee formed a guideline to prevent infection and respond to suspected or confirmed infection.

(Following is an excerpt from the guideline.)
■Measures to prevent infection
・All employees are required to wear a surgical mask during commute (when its crowded), and frequently wash their hands and gargle during work and after returning home.
・All employees are required to wear a surgical mask at work.
・All employees are required to take their temperature after coming to work. (If it is above 37.5 C, the person shall be immediately examined at a hospital.)
・All employees are required to refrain from non-essential and non-urgent overseas trips or returning to Japan.

■In case of suspected infection
・All employees who are not in good health are prohibited from coming to work and required to be examined at a hospital.

■In case of confirmed infection>.
・When an infection is confirmed, the patient is required to report it the company, which shall then notify a public health center.
・The patient is required to follow instructions from doctors and be hospitalized or stay at home during the period specified by the doctors. The patient is prohibited from working during the period.
・In case an employee who belongs to a store is confirmed to be infected, the entire staff of the store are required to be examined at medical institutions.
(They are prohibited from working until the result of the examination is known.)
・In case an employee who belongs to a store is confirmed to be infected, the store shall be temporarily closed until safety is confirmed.

We have taken necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees. We will further strengthen the efforts in order to respond to the future developments promptly and appropriately.


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