Halal food section, opened on the fourth floor, Akihabara Main Store


We have opened a halal food section on the fourth floor at Akihabara Main Store.

Halal is clean and safe foods that are free from ingredients forbidden in Islam, such as pork, pork extract, alcohol, gelatin and so on.
At the halal section, we sell about thirty foods including udon noodle quite popular in Japan, ramen, traditional sponge cake, rice crackers and seasonings, almost all of which are halal.
These products contain no ingredient considered illegitimate in Islam. All the people, not to mention Muslims, will be able to enjoy these foods, free from worry about safety.

In the new halal food section, all the foods are categorized in a simple, clear way into groups like foods certified as halal, organic foods, and foods free of animal ingredients and alcohol. We are planning to sell more halal foods at more stores. Please drop by!
We are looking forward to seeing you.